First time dining at Chopstop SM City Sta. Mesa

16 December 2015

Today, there was a declaration of "No Classes" because of Typhoon Nona.  Though Metro Manila experienced some heavy rain, it was manageable because it wasn't continuous.  Mostly, it was just really dark and windy.  It was kind of fortuitous for Dana and I because we needed to go to the mall to buy her exchange gift and other stuff for her class Christmas party.   So off we went to SM City Sta. Mesa because it was the closest mall and if it rained really hard, it would still be easier to get home from.

The concept of wish lists for exchange gifts is brilliant.  It gives you specifically what the person wants within the budget limit.  It's really up to you if you want to go over the limit too.  This time, we went looking for an iPhone case for her friend so we knew that SM Cyberzone has a lot of gadget-related stores so that was our first stop.  Dana, Dylan and I were also hoping to see Dana's Ninang at the Globe Store but they were closed early for their Christmas Party.  We got what we needed at SwissTech.

It was great to walk around the mall at that time because there was hardly anyone around.  Either people didn't want to brave the rain or it was a bit early for shopping.  :)  We went around the mall because it has been a long time since we've been to SM City Sta. Mesa and there were a lot of new stores.

After walking around, it was lunch time and we went to Chopstop.  It was a new restaurant to us and upon viewing the menu we were intrigued by the prospect of choosing our own Chops and sides for only P119.  Check out their menu (as taken from their FB page):

When we got to the counter, we wanted to try different combinations so we can get to taste them all.  Dana wanted to try the Chicken with Gravy and Veggies combination.  Dylan wanted to try the Barbecue with Nachos combination.  I wanted to try the Chicken with Jack Daniel's and Nachos combination.  But alas, due to the storm, this branch had no supplies and had no pork, no nachos and no Jack Daniel's. BOO! In the end, Dana and I both ordered the Chicken with Gravy and veggies and Dylan had the Barbecue with Veggies.

After a short wait, we dug in so fast there was no time to take pictures.  The sumptuous smells from the chicken were mouth-watering.  The portions were large and thick.  The veggies were buttery and crisp.  Our chicken orders were crispy and juicy.  Dylan's chicken with barbecue sauce was savory and flavorful.  All in all, the food was worth P129 (with P10 added for the iced tea).

Hopefully, next time we visit with Patrick, they'll have better supplies.  :)

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