#MadForMonsters at Krispy Kreme

After a very educational trip to UST Museum (click here for the post), Dana and I brought home the #MadforMonsters Halloween doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.  We actually ate at Subway first but we forgot to take pictures haha

We have been fans of Krispy Kreme ever since they opened here in the Philippines.  Dylan and I particularly like the simple Original Glazed and can't have just one at a time :)  Dana and her Dad love the ones with toppings and fillings and are always trying out the new treats.

For Halloween, they have these fresh new creations:  Mummy, Scarecrow, Gummi Worms, Halloween Sprinkles, Bat and Frankie.  We weren't able to get Pumpkin and Fangs this time because we only got the Half-Dozen box.

We saved this box for breakfast though :)

The next morning, Dylan couldn't wait to sink his teeth into the Halloween Sprinkles.  He was actually afraid of the others! He couldn't even look at them!

I was entertained by the Bat because to me it looked more like Shaun the Sheep ;)

 Dana woke up too and got dibs on Frankie.  Funny, her shirt is the same color as Frankie hahaha

Patrick already took care of Scarecrow before we got down so we didn't get a picture of him with it hehehe

Love Krispy Kreme! :)

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