Dylan's 2013 Buwan ng Wika presentation

August 31, 2013

Remember the Filipiniana costume that Dylan wore to the Nutrition month activity that I posted about here?  Well, this time he used it for the Buwan ng Wika celebration in school.  Buwan ng Wika is that time of the year when schools focus on celebrating the Filipino language through poetry, songs and dances, choric recitations and more.  It is an expanded form of the "Linggo ng Wika" when the activities were celebrated for a week.

The event was held at the St. Joseph Learning Center on a Saturday morning.  The program started with a parade around the school.  Everyone was excited to go out of the school and walk around.  The teachers were especially careful and had to hang on to their wards as they were prone to running off :)

When everybody got back, the kids just sat and rested while the teachers got everything ready for the program they've prepared.

I was so proud of Dylan when he recited the poem he memorized.  Understand, that Dylan doesn't really speak Tagalog or Filipino so for him to accomplish this feat is a big deal.

Pilipino Ako

Ako'y Filipino
Pilipinong totoo
Hindi nahihiya
Kahit kanino

Ipagmamalaki ko
Pagiging Pilipino
Wikang Filipino
Ang Wika Ko.

After, everyone trooped to the small platform/stage for picture taking :) It was a fun activity :)

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