Food: Marikina Burrito Brothers and Crepeman

January 19, 2015

When I blogged about eating at Tamagoya's here, Patrick shared it on Facebook and my friend, Lily, saw it.  It was the trigger which caused us to set a date to meet up in Marikina when we come to get Stanley back from his parking in Stevie's house.  Lily mentioned so many food choices through text messages as we were trying to figure out where to meet.  She also told me to Google "Marikina Food Tour/Trip" to get an idea of what I want to eat.  The results were enough to make me drool hahha Finally, we limited our choices to Lilac street since we're already familiar with the location of Tamagoya.  Lilac Street is where you'll end up if you follow the B. Soliven Avenue where Tamagoya is.  Well, the date came and we first met up at Burrito Brothers at #69 Lilac Street, Marikina.   

I didn't know what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised when we got to the location because the place seemed cozy.  Patrick was a bit worried because there was really no parking space in front of the location though.  Anyway, we got inside and saw Mother (we call her that because of a movie producer called Mother Lily) and it was like we just saw each other yesterday and not years ago.  It was a great feeling!!

We moved to a bigger table and we browsed the menu while chatting and catching up.  There were a number of choices of Mexican fare: Steak/Chicken burritos, Chicken Flautas, Tacos and Taco salads, Nachos, Chicken Fajitas, Quesadillas and more.  Patrick, Dana and Mother ordered steak burritos, I ordered the chicken flautas, Dylan had the Quesadillas and we ordered Nachos and Grilled Chicken Fajitas to share.  While we were waiting for our order, Patrick got up, took the poncho and hat from the hanger on the mall and put them on.  It was hilarious.  Since I wasn't sure if it was allowed, we asked the gyuys at the corner if we can fiddle with the costume and they said it was okay. :)  Patrick took the smaller set and put it on Dylan.  What do you think? hahaha

Mother and I have been friends for more than 20+ years and this was such a heartwarming reunion.  It was perfect timing that it was the holiday because of Pope Francis' visit otherwise we probably wouldn't have the time.  We picked a great spot to eat too because the food was great, it was reasonably priced, the place was clean and airy, and at that time there weren't too many people around yet.  

Our next stop was at Crepeman because the kids wanted something sweet for dessert.  Since Mother already told me about it, I said "Why not?" since we're already in the vicinity.  So we drove down to Crepeman which was about 5 minutes away on the left side of Lilac street (if you're coming from Burrito Brothers).  We were the only people at the store probably because it was still off-peak hours.  The kids watched Kuya make and assemble the crepe.  They were quite excited about it.

If I remember correctly, the kids ordered the Ferrero which was crepe with Nutella and Nuts (P90).  Patrick ordered Mango which was crepe with sliced mango, chocolate spread, whipped cream and kisses (P90).  I ordered Peaches which was crepe with peaches, choco spread, whipped cream and kisses (P90).  Lily only had coffee.

Here are the pictures of their menu:

I really liked the crepes because they're crispy ! Of course when you have something like peaches or mangoes, they will naturally soften the crepe so you have to eat it fast.  But the texture of the crepe complements well with the sweetness of the chocolate and the tangy taste of the peaches.  It was big enough to satisfy sugar cravings too :)  I liked the setup because it was small but practical and they have a clean bathroom too :)

I don't think this will be the last time we'll visit Marikina for a Marikina Food trip.  I think the trick is to go on the off-hours to appreciate the food without worrying about parking. AND, you have to be hungry when you start out :D

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