Dylan's celebration of Nutrition Month in school

July 20, 2013

One of the more recent school activities that I've experienced is Nutrition month.  It's a very practical demonstration of health and fitness that makes it easy for students to understand its value.  Teachers, though have to be creative when they plan their class programs.

In Dylan's case, their preparations included making the hat with plastic veggies on it at home and practicing their song and dance number in school.  Now, our part wasn't so hard to accomplish.  It just meant that Dylan and I needed to take a trip to Quiapo and buy our materials from there.  Interesting enough, even the sellers at Quiapo were attune to the needs of the schools and already had a bunch of veggies packed and ready to sell.  Others also had the ready-made hats with the veggies!  Dylan and I chose to create our own so we bought the separate hats and veggies.

We bought the materials that Friday after school and immediately made them at home.  Armed with the handy glue gun, we stuck those plastic veggies onto the hat.  It was a good project because Dylan was able to accomplish it by himself.  He had to have help with the glue gun though because it was wonky hehehe  But what you see him wearing is his pride and joy :)  Oh and their costume requirement (Filipiniana)was also easy enough because he already had one from a previous school event.

The day came and he was very excited to show his teachers his hat.  Their program included a presentation from their student teachers.  The kids enjoyed that because it showed their teachers doing something other than actually teaching :)  They were so happy to participate in the singing and dancing too.

When their time to perform came, everyone was in high spirits.   Their teachers and parents were so proud of them! :)


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