Traveling to Tarlac in the Hyundai Sante Fe

May 18-20, 2013

Last April, we had the privilege of meeting up with Uncle Bebot and his family in Tarlac.  This time, we took them up on their offer to stay a while at their home.  Patrick had another test unit to drive - this time it was the Hyundai Sante Fe so it was perfect timing for a long road trip.  Kids were comfortable at the back and enjoying the "arm rest".  They kept asking for drinks so they can use the cup holders haha  We had lunch at Zapata's in Clark (though I think it's called Iguana now).

The sky from the sunroof

When we arrived, we took some time to get settled but the kids wanted to swim immediately.  So here we are!

 When everyone got tired of swimming, it was probably evening by that time.  We had dinner with the family and then it was sleepy time! We were given our own room and the kids shared a bed.

The next day dawned bright and early and I took the opportunity to take pictures of our ride, the luxurious Hyundai Sante Fe.  The pictures look foggy because the camera was cold haha

When everyone had breakfast, we took a trip to the family's rice mill where Kuya George gave us a tour around the place.  The kids were content at the back of the Sante Fe while the adults were talking.

Naturally, when you have a pool at your disposal, you'll take advantage of it and that's what we did hahaha
Dylan kept swimming with his floatie while Dana found out that she liked to dive from the edge of the pool.

That's Dylan's version of diving ! haha

Meanwhile, Patrick and I were relishing the soothing calm of the place :)

But eventually, all vacations must end and we have to go back to reality.  It seemed like a short trip and they didn't want us to go too haha With the promise to return, we left the Tadeo abode and went on our way towards Manila.  Since it was nearing dinner time, we stopped at Victor's Barbecue and Lechon Manok which had the reputation of being the best barbecued dishes this side of the North.  It really was good! 

Even with that full dinner, the kids got hungry again and we stopped for snacks.  Now, the kids were happy they were able to use the cupholders in the Hyundai Santa Fe.  :)

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