Kids: Kimmy's birthday at Kidzville, The Podium

November 17, 2012

Today is Kimmy's 1st birthday and we've been invited to attend.  Den and Tracy spent the night here so that they can attend the party with us.  The kids were already excited because they know they can play in the playroom for an indefinite period of time :)  Den and Tracy spent the night and apparently Dylan wanted to camp out with them.  Look at that smile while crawling all over Dylan :D 

So, at the party, the kids participated in the games although, at one point, Dylan became overwhelmed and simply returned to his seat :)

We had fun because there was a lot of food choices.  Ruthie really did a great job with the planning and she knew what the kids and adults would want to eat.  There was a corn dog stand, a french fries stand, a taco stand and there was a separate group of main course for adults and kids.

After the kids had their fun, eating and playing, we went to SM Megamall, but first, some picture taking opps at Cinderella's carriage just outside of the Podium.

We had dinner at Amici because Den was craving some good food.  I guess she was deprived LOL  The kids shared a serving of spaghetti, Patrick had the lasagna, I forgot what Den ordered, and I had a spicy pasta (which was a first for me!).  It was our first time to eat here and there were a lot of people but we were able to find seats immediately.  The wait was considerable but the food was delicious!

Here are the kids with stuff they got from their loot bags.  Dylan loved the Lego glasses and the necklaces :)

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