Cars: Axe Bikini Car Wash

October 27, 2012

You know I consider myself lucky that I get to enjoy the weirdest pleasures with my family.  This time, our adventure was courtesy of Axe Philippines and their promo "Axe Anarchy Island Bikini Car Wash".  If I remember correctly, Patrick joined their contest and he had to post a picture of his car that really needed a good wash.  Well, if you left Stanley outside on the street for a day, expect that he'll be covered in dust and grime immediately considering the volume of vehicles that pass by on a daily basis.  So, in short, his photo got him registered for the event and on that Saturday, we all trooped to Mall of Asia to attend the Axe Bikini Car Wash not with Stanley but with Viktor, the Volvo test unit that Patrick had for the weekend.

The Axe Girls

Shelter from the Intense Heat

With Viktor, the Volvo
There were two batches of cars to be washed based on how early you were at the event.  We were fortunate enough to be the first of the 2nd batch so that gave us time to watch how everything was supposed to go.  First, there were 10 car wash bays, 5 on each side.  Each car is assigned a number as they register and will go into their corresponding car wash bay.  Each car wash bay is also assigned two girls to wash the car in the bay.  It was really Patrick's day because one of the girls that was assigned to wash Viktor was his crush, Yassi Benitez :)

Here were some of the girls who were assigned to the other vehicles :)

The kids had a blast because they were inside the car while it was being washed which was a first for them.  :)  Needless to say, Patrick also enjoyed himself immensely from his vantage point in the car.  Meanwhile, I just took the opportunity to have our picture taken with the hosts of the event.

On our way out after the event, there were some props laid out near the exit and we just couldn't resist taking pictures with them :)

After this fun event, we went to SM Mall of Asia for dinner and we chanced upon the Shell Ferrari Lego exhibit and the kids got their picture taken there as well :)  All in all it was a really fun day!

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