Kids: Dylan's 2012 Field Trip - Part 3 - Casa Santa Jardin de Miramar

September 22, 2012

Now, we've come to the last part in Dylan's Field Trip.  We've saved the best for last because our last destination was the Casa Santa in Jardin de Miramar in San Isidro, Antipolo City.  It was funny because going there our buses could hardly fit on the road and they had a hard time making it through the curves.  It's the right time to visit Casa Santa seeing as it's now the start of the "BER" months and Christmas is just around the corner.  When we arrived, we spent our time eating our lunch at the great garden while waiting for the puppet show to be set up.

I just had a beef to settle with some of the parents during the trip.  We were expressly told to bring packed lunches and I even woke up pretty early to manage that.  Well, what do you know?  Along the way, we had to wait for these parents to BUY their lunches from the Jollibee store we passed and it took a while so those of us who actually followed the rules had little time to eat!! grr!  I could understand that the administration of the school wanted to please everyone but really, you have to stick to the rules because it's unfair to those of us who followed them.. okay so back to your regular programming...

The puppet show was a hit with the kids who had been recharged since everyone has just had their lunch.  Their excitement was contagious and their happiness was boundless.  Picture taking after the puppet show had to be contained because everyone wanted to be the first.  Fortunately, Dylan was among the first.

After the puppet show, we had some time to burn because another tour group which was ahead of us are still in the Casa Santa so we were told we can explore the whole place until it was time for us to go in.  So, Dylan and I just took our time walking around the vast garden.  Honestly, it was such a restful place because of all the greenery.  We were content to remain outside :)

Check out the pictures we took in this slideshow:

Now, if you viewed the slideshow, you may have seen excerpts of Santa's house.  Casa Santa really is a small house full of Santa and Christmas-related artifacts.  It's like being transported to the North Pole and you kinda expect elves to come out and show you around.  The house itself is pretty small so if your tour group is a bit large, you may have difficulty going around all at the same time, which is why they segregate the groups to accommodate just the right amount of people inside.  Dylan particularly liked the Star Wars Christmas toys they had on display. :)

We took our time going around since we were the last tour group for the day.  There was so much to see although you have to be careful of the little items on display and some are really fragile.  That was a problem with some of the kids whose "energy" couldn't be contained and they had to be escorted out hehehe

From here, we visited the Antipolo Church on the way home and we took time to buy "pasalubong" like cashew nuts and suman.

That was such a fitting end to a really tiring but fun day.  This is one reason why I love going on educational field trips with my kids.  I, too, learn so much from it and it's a great bonding moment for all of us because we all take away precious memories from them.


  1. This place looks fun! Perfect to bring your kids and feel the christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, it was an interesting experience for the kids :D Thanks!


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