Kids: Dylan's 2012 Field Trip - Part 2 - Dolljoy Museum

September 22, 2012

Now we come to the 2nd Part of Dylan's Educational Field Trip.  To see what happened during the first part, check out this post.  For the 2nd part, we all proceeded to the Dolljoy Gallery and Museum in Caniogan, Pasig to see how dolls and stuffed toys are made.  They have different collections of  dolls and stuffed toys which everyone loved taking pictures with and the first part of the tour involved everyone walking through their exhibits.  Check out this giant panda that Dylan's hugging :)

Apart from the exhibits, the kids were asked to participate in a "Dress your own Doll" activity.  Boys were given male soldier dolls to put together and Dylan enjoyed this activity :)

This was a fun activity because it was timed so the kids were really excited and were racing to finish dressing up their respective dolls.

Continuing with the tour, our next destination was the simulation room where you get to see a sampling of what goes on in the making of dolls.  Everyone saw where they made the hair and how it was styled for a specific doll and how they painted the faces on.  Imagine all the work that goes into one doll.  Everything was hand-painted by these artists.  We even saw how they put the stuffing into the stuffed toys!

Since we took a lot of pictures, I just put them together in a slideshow so you can see the other dolls in their collections.

Our last stop was at the Casa Santa at Jardin de Miramar.

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