Happy Father's Day treat at Poco Deli

June 17, 2012

This weekend was dedicated to Patrick because it was Father's Day.  So, on Saturday, we planned to have Stanley's aircon checked at the shop next to Fusion R.  Unfortunately, the shop was closed and was replaced by something else.  It was disappointing to say the least because they were able to make Stanley's aircon cool and working perfectly the last time we had our check up.

So, instead we ate at JT's Manukan and Grille first before going to Abacus along West Avenue.  Abacus was recommended by Patrick's friend and co-worker Paulo so we decided to check that out.  After which, we trooped to Mall of Asia and just browsed shops and walked around :)

The next day, Sunday, was actually The Father's Day.  We asked Patrick were he wanted to eat and he replied "Poco Deli: so he can also share with us the great food they have there .

It may be his day and his celebration but he really is a Family Man and he's just happy to be sharing a meal with his family.  See his smile? :)

For those that aren't aware of Poco Deli, it's a small artisan deli in Kapitolyo, Pasig where they craft their own sausages and meat, have mouthwatering cakes and pastries, delectable Italian pastas and a great selection of wines and beer.  It's rather small because it's a neighborhood place but that's the beauty of it.  Patrons come to enjoy the silence and the warmth, all the more to savor the great dishes served.

Dana was really loving the interiors. She ordered their homemade Red Ice Tea and she listed it as one of the top Iced Teas she has tasted :) Dylan loved being seated near a "hidden door" which made him think of Harry Potter under the stairs :)  We loved eating our appetizer - German Sausage Sampler which allowed you to choose 3 types of sausages to enjoy.

Patrick wanted to order their Bacon Slabs with Eggs and Rice but they were out of it, apparently all Dads wanted that dish that day :)  So he settled for Kielbasa sausage with egg and rice.  I tried their US Beef Tapa with Eggs and Rice.  I think Patrick wanted that one too when it was served hahaha

Dylan and the "Hidden Door" on his Left
The Blackboard at the back can sometimes
show new dishes being served
Homemade German Meatloaf with 2 eggs and Bacon Rice
Dylan just shared with his Ate Dana
their drinks and spices/sauces on display
German Sausage Sampler
with Sauerkraut and New York Bagel chips
Gourmet Tapa with 2 eggs and bacon rice
Kielbasa Sausage with 2 Eggs and Bacon Rice

Their dishes can be expensive for some, because the German meatloaf was around P250+ but the thing is, it's really very filling.  You're getting a huge slab of meat, 2 eggs and rice with bacon bits.  It really is worth the price you're paying.  If you're a light eater, you probably will be sharing this with someone else.

After this hearty meal, we all went back to MOA just to kill time. :)

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