Travel: Trip to Subic (Day 3)

June 10, 2012

Our travel to Subic is almost at an end.  We're going back to reality in just a few hours.  We spent the morning lazing around the hotel room, enjoying the airconditioning :)  The kids woke up late because we didn't have any plans during the morning.  They just feasted on cable's Cartoon Network for entertainment.  Believe me, that's luxury enough for them since we don't have cable at home :)

After checking out, we headed to this spot along Waterfront Road to take pictures of Ghost for the article that Patrick will be writing.  For a brief moment, we thought that we'd be in the middle of a thunderstorm because the clouds were really rolling and looked angry.  There were raindrops for sure, as you can see.  But the sky cleared in a jiffy and we were in the middle of a bright summer day in a few minutes.

Raindrops keep falling on our head! :D

Ghost and us :)

Can you tell how much he loves this car? :D

 After the photoshoot, we headed again to Xtremely Xpresso because we simply loved the food! :) There weren't many patrons as of yet and the kids were able to watch Mr. Pizza Man craft the dough.  We also drooled over the handcrafted ice cream but we weren't able to take pictures.  We ordered the same stuff as yesterday, except for the chicken pesto sandwich which I had.  It was really good! ::)

Chicken Pesto Sandwich
Dana and her bubblegum flavored ice cream
There were some misses on this trip but over-all it was still a restful vacation.  The highlight was Xtremely Xpresso (for me, at least) but it's still the beach for the kids :)  Patrick's just happy enough to sleep in an air conditioned room hahaaha  Till Next Time! :D

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