Happy Birthday Dana!

March 03, 2012

Happy birthday to my first born, to my only daughter, Dana! :) In life, we're not always as blessed as the year before so we do what we can to make our children's birthdays still special despite the slight budget.  I'm just fortunate that my kids, both Dana and Dylan, do not expect parties and grand events to celebrate their birthdays.

For breakfast, we wanted to surprise her with something that she loves.  So here - Jollibee pancakes! We just forgot to open the packs before taking the pics LOL

For lunch, I prepared her favorite - chili garlic prawns and that was a feast in itself.  :)

To cap the day, we had Pizza Hut delivered for dinner.  Nothing beats the taste of Coca-Cola too :)  It's also special because they're not supposed to drink Coke but it's a rare occasion so there :)

I look forward and will definitely treasure all the other milestones that are sure to come your way.  You're such a bright and intelligent girl (can't believe you came from us!) so we really are lucky to have you in our lives.


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