Dana's Recognition Day 2012

March 23, 2012

It's Dana's turn for celebrating the end of the school year with their Recognition Day.  As usual, she's part of the Top 10 in her class and I'm really proud of her for moving 2 steps up at the last minute :)  We've all had a  crazy year before and it showed in her school grades during the early months.  Though I don't really push her into getting medals and such, it's a relief to me that she's pursuing it on her own.  :)

What's really special about this year's recognition day is the fact that Dana really wanted her Daddy to be the one to go up on the stage with her.  When her teacher asked who she was going with, she specifically mentioned her Daddy.  When I asked her "Why not me?", she answered, "Well Mama, you've been the one going up on the stage with me for the past years.  I wanted Daddy to be with me this time."  That made me smile.  Patrick beamed when he heard that :)

After the ceremony,we all trooped to Robinson's Otis and ate at Tokyo Tokyo.  Dana wanted to feast on Ebi Tempura so that's what we bought :)

Her Daddy couldn't help himself.  He had to imitate Dana's favorite pose when she was smaller.  Funny, isn't it? hehe

Because her parents are too funny, it's no wonder she has the same sense of humor.  It's also too obvious that she is loved :)

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