Dana's Day Out

Today is Chinese New Year and it's a holiday! yahoo!

Funny enough when we asked the kids if they wanted to come with us to go out, it was only Dana who wanted to come.  Dylan wanted to remain at home to "use the computer" hahaha He doesn't get to use it once we're all home so since he knew that 3 of us will be gone, he has more time to use it hahahaha

Anyway, so this started a new tradition of sorts.  We will take one child on a Day Out so that all the attention will be focused on him/her.  In this case, Dana got first dibs :)  She had already asked me before, you know, for just the two of us to go out and have fun together.  Well, she's getting both parents this time so that's even better.  The original point of going out was for me to look for a pair of shoes for my friend's upcoming wedding.    We ended up having the first "Dana's Day Out" outing.

For starters, we went to Cubao where I knew there were a lot of shoe stores aside from the usual stuff they sell in the department stores.  So, we went to Farmer's Plaza, where I was fortunate to find a pair that was just right for me.  And it only cost P250!!  I also bought Dana her own pair :) Love shopping with her :)

After all that walking around and looking for the right pair of shoes, naturally, we got tired.  We ate some quesadilla, tacos, nachos and churros at Taco Bell.  Dana had fun refilling his Dad's cup of coke :)  Simple joys for a simple girl hahaha

Next, we went to Shopwise to buy some necessary groceries.  What we didn't know was that they had an ongoing promo in line with Chinese New Year!  People who are wearing red will automatically get a fortune cookie!  Imagine that! And Dana was wearing an all-red outfit courtesy of her Tita Shawie LOL

She got one fortune cookie as we entered the grocery.  But then we had to go out for a bathroom break.  When we came back, through a different entrance this time, she got another fortune cookie! hahahaha It was great because then she had one and Dylan will have one too !!

After depositing our grocery items in the car, we went to Gateway for dinner.  Dana wanted to eat at Teriyaki Boy because she loves Japanese food and she loves their Yogato dessert :)

So here they are, Daddy and Dana enjoying a cup of Yogato!

And here we are having a few moments together.. but the last picture looks a little creepy hehehe

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