College friends get-together

 I ended my 2011 with a get together with my high school buddies.  I thought it was also a great idea to start the new year with a get together with my college buddies hahaha It's not often that we get around to just having dinner and drinks and enjoy each other's company because, let's face it, work gets in the way and we all lead busy lives.  But when a friend or two comes home for the holidays, you really do need to make a point to have a reunion for old times' sake.

This year, Marlon was home and that was the reason why we all met at Congo Grille in El, Pueblo, Ortigas. If I remember correctly, the last time we met like this was when Marlon also came home in 2004??  Who has pictures of those?? hmm.. must remember to ask :)

Anyway, the first to arrive at Congo Grille was George, here sporting his very long hair (although I guess you can't see from the picture haha).  

Marlon, Cathy and I met up at the SM Megamall and just walked to the venue where we met up with George.

Pepe arrived soon after, obviously coming from work too.  :)  Idy arrived a little later because he came from Shopwise after a round of grocery shopping.  He said he can't miss the double points rewards every Wednesdays! haha spoken like a true family man! LOL

There was a lot of reminiscing from college days about classmates, professors, crushes, embarrassing moments and catching up with what we've basically been doing after college :) We ordered crispy pata, sisig and grilled squid.  The boys had beer, of course!


It's too bad that some of our classmates weren't able to make it because of prior engagements but I'm hoping that there'll be more get-togethers in the coming months :)

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