New Year at the Mall

Happy New Year!! It's 2012 and I'm not going to be the first one to say that time really flies... When I look back at 2011, I hope that it isn't going to be the same for 2012 hahaha So here's me hoping that 2012 brings better tidings for my family :)

We didn't go anywhere for the first day of New Year.  The smog was just too thick and so "chokingly" bad that you'd risk your health just to go out.  We did head for the mall on January 2 just to get out of the house :)

There was a Christmas set in the atrium of SM San Lazaro where these pictures where taken.

Dana's shirt caption fits her to a tee!

Would've been a great shot
if the "extra" hadn't gotten in and messed it up

All three sporting new shoes for the new year ;)

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