Of Toys and Willy Wonka (Part 1)

Like most working couples, you can only schedule a trip for toy hunting, bargains and sales when you have received part of all of your Christmas bonus and your salary and hope to God that there are sales scheduled when you do.  We were fortunate enough that during the weekend that we got some windfall of sorts, there were great bargains that we took part in.

On Saturday, December 3, Patrick and I headed to the Toy Warehouse Sale in Sct. Torillo, Quezon City.  It is actually the warehouse for the Mattel brand of toys and they're selling off their excess inventory at prices up to 80% off!  So, it's really a great deal considering you're getting branded toys for less than what you would pay in the malls :)  I didn't really know what to expect since this was the first time I was headed there so I was keeping an open mind.

The place wasn't really huge, around 1000 square meters but it's air conditioned so it's pretty comfortable.  There were toys for infants, toys for the big kids, some baby stuff like sterilizers and bottles, some MyScene and Ollie shoes for the bigger kids, Barbie, Hot Wheels and Pokemon shoes for the smaller kids, bikes Disney toys (both stock and new arrivals) and a whole lot more.

We were able to pick out great finds during our first day and Patrick went ga-ga over the Lightning McQueen series of die cast toys and was able to purchase 4 of them - Lightning McQueen, Franco Bernoulli, Holly Shiftwell and Mater!  I went crazy over the shoes that were selling for P100/pair!! and some school shoes, they were selling for 3 for P100!! I was stupefied to say the least! LOL  We really had to stop at some point when we reached our quota for the kids' Christmas gifts hahahaha

We then went to the Mall of Asia to see if we can check out great finds at the Mega Shoes and Bags sale at the SMX Convention hall.  OMG! That's all I can say hahaha

I was already super excited even before we entered but when I got in woohoo! Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!! It was like an Imelda Marcos moment hahaha If I had that feeling, make that a hundred times more for Patrick who was crazier for shoes than I.

It wasn't difficult to go around even though it was jam-packed with crowds.  The shoes were sorted according to brand and then by size so you can immediately go to your favorite brands and see what models they have that are available in your size.  It saves on having to ask the sales clerks repeatedly for your size.  The sad thing is if you've got an average shoe size, there's a high possibility that the style that you want may be out of stock especially if you haven't gotten there at the earliest opportunity.  But since there were so many shoe styles to look at, I'm sure there will be at least one pair that you'll end up with.  Here, Patrick and I were able to buy much needed shoes for ourselves.  When you have kids, you usually have to sacrifice your own wants to provide for your kids first.  So, this opportunity was heaven sent.  I got a pair of Keds (my fave!) and Patrick was able to buy his Asics rubber shoes.  :)

At the same venue, just next door was the Toy Kingdom Christmas sale.  We couldn't resist so we took a peek.  Fortunately (for us) the lines were too long which served as a deterrent for us to purchase any more stuff LOL

We ended our day with dinner at Mexicali :>)  We purposely went home late so we can sneak the gifts in and store them where the kids can't find them hehehe

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