Of Toys and Willy Wonka (Part 2)

So the previous post mentioned that we went to the Richwell Warehouse sale where we bought a lot of stuff.  Well, we had to go back the next day because the shoes we bought for Dana were a tad small so we wanted to exchange them for a pair that fit better.

When we got there, this time we brought the kids with us so that we're sure the shoes will really fit right, the shoes we bought yesterday were sold out! LOL  We had to find another pair for the same price!  It was okay because now, there were new stocks as well and we were able to buy a newer pair than the one we originally bought. ;)  This time, I was also astounded at the way the mommies were behaving.  I have never seen a "human feeding frenzy" before and this was the place where I saw it first hand.

To explain, the sales clerks would bring in these huge boxes filled with new stocks of shoes.  They'd dump these into the boxes in the shoes section of the warehouse.  Mommies will immediately dive in (literally!) and come up with mismatched pairs of shoes and then sort them out later when they've determined that these shoes are not the ones they want LOL It's really fun and fascinating to watch LOL I probably would do the same since these pairs were going for P100 and that's really cheap, mind you! :)

Once we got the pair of shoes for Dana, Patrick and I decided to bring Dana and Dylan to the Willy Wonka Imaginarium at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall. Knowing how much they love Willy Wonka from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we thought this was a good way to end the day.  With a P100 purchase of any Willy Wonka candy from the Candy Corner store in the exhibit, you earn a Golden Ticket which serves as your key to entering the magical place.  The kids got crazy with all the candy, like Nerds, Laffy Taffy and the Pixy Stix :)  Once we got our tickets, we went in :)

A Giant Bug

The Magical Door

The Giant Tree 

Giant Mushrooms

Giant Ant and the Ant Bully
They were both amazed and excited and the couldn't stop talking about what went on when they went inside.  It was worth the trip! :)

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