Dylan's 2011 Christmas Party

This year, the Little Sofie Learning and Development Center held their Christmas Party at Shakey's Espana.  It's quite a bittersweet moment for us because we remember Teacher Dory and her presence from last year's Christmas party which was also held in the same venue.

Anyway, the party was filled with gifts, prizes and activities which the kids loved.  There were prizes for the parents who did such an amazing job with their Christmas parol.  There were also appreciation prizes for all parents for their support of their kids and of the school.  The kids also had their exchange gift as well as gift giving from their teachers.  There was also a "Bring Me" game which Dylan participated in but was not fortunate enough to win in hahaha  Parents also participated in the games which were a lot of fun.

 Pictures with his teachers:
Teachers Kaye and She

Teachers Karen, Kaye, She, Cath and Ma'am Sheila

Dylan with Teachers and Classmates

Dylan and Rhian
Dylan also participated in their song and dance number:

Finally, it was eating time! Pizza, Spaghetti, mojos and chicken

Teacher Dory's special kids (Shiela May)
 A special dance number by Captain Shakey's to end the celebration!

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