Dana's 2011 Christmas Presentation

Every Christmas season, kids usually become part of their school's Christmas presentation.  Dana is no different but for a while there, we really didn't think she will be able to participate in it this time because we had some financial difficulties and couldn't yet buy the costume needed for the program.

At the last minute, we were able to find the resources and the three of us, Patrick, Dana and I, went to
Quiapo at the store where we bought Dylan's Germany costume and were able to buy the last piece of Santa Claus costume for Dana.  It was also perfect timing since it was the last piece we got a hefty discount which really helped us out :)  After completing that errand we went home so we can see how it looked on Dana when paired off with the black socks/stockings and hat :)

Come Monday afternoon, Dana was ready to go to school with her costume.  Dana, Dylan, Den and I went to school at 330PM as was their call time.  They were performing a dance number to the tune of Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You".

What the school did this time was made the college and HS students perform first to ensure that the parents will stick it out until the end hehehe so even though we came to school so early, the kids only performed around 630PM.  I still have to edit the video but I'll update as soon as it's up.

Here are some of the pictures after the show.  Dylan fell asleep even before the program started but he woke up just in time to watch his Ate Dana perform.

While waiting for the doors to open

Hiding from the camera

The Stage

Waiting to start

Sleeping in the theater

Photo Op

Dana (far right) with her classmates

Dana (far right) with her classmates

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