Dylan's Kindergarten Field Trip

Sept. 14, 2011 - It's that time once again when Dylan sets off on another field trip.  This time they're heading to Lucky Me (the noodle factory), Paradizoo (an animal farm/zoo) and Tagaytay Picnic Grove (for rest and relaxation).  As you can see, Dylan is excited to be on their way.  
Their first stop was the Lucky Me Noodle Factory but we weren't allowed to take pictures because of security reasons.  This part of the trip would have been more interesting if we had more time to really listen to the tour.  Instead, the tour went by so fast it was like the staff were more interested in just breezing through with their spiels and such.  The kids couldn't really pay attention and they can't really see over the windows in the factory.  I had to really focus to hear the tour guide explain the process of making the noodles and packing them and such.  In turn, it was I who had to explain to Dylan.  I guess there were a lot of schools scheduled too so they had to hurry us up.  This was the only photo allowed, taken by their staff after a quick run through of the factory.  

After the Lucky Me Factory, we went to Paradizoo Ranch in Mendez, Cavite.  There were a lot of chances for taking pictures because there were a number of different animals that Dylan went a little crazy going after them :)  There was a white carabao, a black carabao, a camel, horses, foreign goats and sheep, butterflies and bees.  Here are some pictures. It was raining hard some of the time which was hard for the kids but it was otherwise a fun trip.  

The last stop was the Tagaytay Picnic Grove.  This was where we had our lunch overlooking Taal Volcano. The kids breezed through their lunch and just ran around in the grass.  Dylan was also fortunate to have been able to ride a horse.  One of his classmates who originally bought the ticket became scared of the horse so he backed out.  Dylan was given the ticket instead :)  Thanks! :D

 Needless to say, all the kids were tired and pooped out during the drive home :)

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