Dana's School Halloween Party

On the 20th of October, Dana had her first school Halloween Party.  I was worried when they announced it and notified parents via letter because it only meant that more expenses will have to be set aside to accommodate the budget for her costume.  Trust me, when you're in dire straits when it comes to finances, like we have been for the past months, you really begin to question all these school parties hehehe

But I'm very lucky that my HS friend, Gicel, was able to lend me her daughter's Princess Jasmine costume for Dana to wear :)  Thanks a lot, Gicel! :)

So here she is, together with Dylan who just put on his Spiderman clothes and mask :))

They had a costume contest and as you can see Dana was #60! all the kids who came in costume registered for the contest so that took a while to judge.  It was funny because there were a lot of witches which I thought would be banned haha but even the parents were wearing costumes!! She liked the one like 3D art in the last row of pictures :)   Her teacher was dressed like Jang-Geum of a Koreanovela :D

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