Teacher Dory died so suddenly

We were faced with a mighty blow when we found out that Teacher Dory was dead.  We found out only on the morning of Dylan's exams.  We were walking on the way to school when Dylan's classmate's mom called out to us from their house.  Apparently, classes were suspended because Teacher Dory died.  This was such a shock to learn because we didn't even know she was sick or having any medical problems.

I was just in shock because it was such a loss, to Dylan, to me and of course, to the school.  You see, Teacher Dory reminds me of my mom.  They were both exemplary teachers really living the vocation of teaching.  When I say vocation, I really mean it because they really epitomized what teaching was all about.  It's about helping students learn.  It's about expending all your energy to make sure that your students are improving and that you'll waste no time in getting them to stay on their course.  It's about putting aside your own financial troubles and physical problems aside to take on students whom you believe need your help more.

Dylan blossomed under Teacher Dory's care.  Of course, the other teachers in the school helped out a lot but Teacher Dory was the driving force.  She knew how to motivate the kids.  She knew how to scold parents.  She knew how to inspire her teachers.  She's a light to everyone.

To Teacher Dory, you will surely be missed but your influence over my son will not be forgotten.  I salute you for your love of teaching.  I wish there more of you to go around :)

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