Joy Ride in the 2011 Subaru Forester

May 22 and 24, 2011

When you have a Subaru Forester waiting in your garage, regardless if you have no plans, you will find any excuse fitting to drive around in it :)  So, we were thinking:  "If we had no money but we had gas in the car, where would we go?"  We couldn't go to the malls because we'd definitely spend money on food and on other impulse buys.

We decided that a visit to our nearest family merited a drive in the Subaru Forester.  We were also killing two birds with one stone.  We  wanted to try out the famous "Tapsilog ni Vivian" which happened to be a few corners away from Stevie's house so it was the perfect excuse :)

We weren't really disappointed with Tapsilog ni Vivian.  We arrived there a little bit after lunch so it wasn't that jampacked.  We had tapsilog and soda and of course, the staple soup.  :)

For P80, you get a lot of beef and a hefty serving of rice and the egg wasn't runny so I really liked it.

After that filling lunch, we headed to Stevie's house.  It was a chance for the cousins to meet and catch up and as you can see, everyone was having a good time.

It took a while for Hannah to warm up but she eventually did.  Lance was busy watching TV so they were all sitting in front of the TV.

It's nice to see them having fun and enjoying themselves.

 A day later, Patrick and I decided to give the Subaru Forester a chance to stretch its legs and test its engine so we took a quick drive to Clark.  We brought the kids with us of course as part of the experiment :) They loved sitting at the back because of the food compartments.  The cool air that you get from a brand new car was also a welcome relief from the oppressive heat.

 We had lunch at Zapata's which was surprisingly empty except for a few foreigners and their girlfriends hehehe This time I tried their tacos and I was in heaven.  I couldn't get enough of it.. I swear my waistline blew up after eating! LOL

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