Stanley's Pampering Day

I'm sure car enthusiasts will agree with me when I say that when you have a car, she immediately becomes an integral part of the family, like a dog.  You need to save up for it, schedule maintenance/pampering days for it and continually nourish and nurture it with your love.. ok, ok.. that's too much but don't most girlfriends get jealous of the attention their partners lavish on their vehicles?? I rest my case.

Anyway, it's Stanley's turn for some pampering.  Granted that it coincided with his getting a check-up because of the way the power steering is feeling wonky, Patrick and I went straight to Fusion R along E. Rodriguez, Quezon City.  While we were there, Patrick was able to replace Stanley's Headlights and added a 3rd brake light because the parts were there.  He apparently hit a bargain this time, oh if only I was able to take a picture of him! LOL

We went back the next day too, this time to the aircon specialists.  Stanley needed more refrigerant and it was just in time before the kids went back to school.


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