Happy 7th Birthday, Dana! :)

Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter, Dana Catherine! :)

You can't imagine how fast time flies.  Here's one way to think about Dana's 7th birthday:  It's been seven years since she came out of the hotel, yes, the one I call, The Womb! LOL  It's truly incredible how such a small person can blossom into this lovely little girl that's obviously a product of Patrick and me :)  I may look like her, but her mood swings are definitely Patrick's LOL

I've often heard that the 7th birthday is a real milestone in a child's life.  I haven't really guessed why.  For me, every day that your child is alive is a milestone and should be celebrated not with parties (they help) but with love and affection.  And though Patrick and I really wanted to celebrate Dana's birthday with a huge bash, unfortunately, this year, we are kind of painfully stripped off a budget for it.  It's tough, when you think about it.  I feel guilty not being able to give her THE Party which her classmates in school obviously had.   I'm just glad that she accepts the reality and am proud of her for understanding it.

Though she didn't have a grand celebration, I did surprise her with a gift when she woke up that morning.  I asked her Ate Den to have a huge tarpaulin made of her favorite character, Willy Wonka, played by Johnny Depp.  See, Dana really likes Willy Wonka/Johnny Depp.  She brings the DVD everywhere she goes.  When she's watching TV, the DVD is right beside her watching with her ;) So, she was really surprised and her eyes glowed with delight when I presented that rolled-up tarpaulin for her :)  Her smile was priceless!!

After her school, we surprised her with a trip to SM Centerpoint for lunch :)  We all ate at Savory (Patrick was still at the office) and her Ate Den presented her with their gift - a Spongebob wallet :)  We also bought her a cake and bought ingredients for carbonara (her favorite) for dinner :)
Hot and Sour Soup


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