Dylan's Photo Shoot

March 12, 2010

Today is a milestone in Dylan's life :)  This is the first time he'll be participating in a professional photo shoot for Smart Parenting magazine (online version).  How did this happen, you ask?  Well, during the week, Patrick was, of course, working at the office when Steph from Smart Parenting came over to the Top Gear digital cubicle and was asking co-workers if they had kids, specifically boys ranging between 4-6 years old.  Patrick told me he had to compute for Dylan's age considering he was having his 5th birthday this coming 18th :)  When he said he had a boy fitting the description, they both looked at pictures of Dylan on Facebook and Steph liked what she saw and she told Patrick that details for the photo shoot will be emailed as soon as they were finalized.  Then, we found out that the photo shoot will be for Saturday and we got so excited! :)

So now, it's Saturday and we all woke up early so we won't be late :) First impressions last and all that :)  It's good that we know where the photo shoot will be held (Somerset Millenium Makati) so we know we won't get lost on the way.  When we got there, we had a little time for Dylan to get accustomed to the place.  He usually isn't fussy when encountering some place new but it's good that he immediately became comfortable so easily.  He was actually the first person/model to be photographed because he didn't have to put make up on LOL

It was fun watching Dylan hamming it up in front of the camera.  To him, it was just like playtime :)  We do a lot of the same stuff at home - making funny faces, pretending to take pictures and generally just really goofing about :)  It worked well during the photo shoot because all his shots look really natural and he was able to take direction really well.  He also didn't complain at all which was a huge plus factor! :)  He was just a little confused why he has to change clothes a number of times but other than that things proceeded as scheduled :))

The whole photo shoot took about 4 hours because of setting up, changing clothes, taking a break for lunch and getting the kids ready.  It was a relief that Dylan didn't get tired! LOL

Here's a preview of some of Dylan's pictures courtesy of Smart Parenting.  The article came out on March 14th and here's a link to it.

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