Trip to Quezon Memorial Circle

March 13, 2011

Do you have the same feeling when the weekend arrives and your feet are itching to go somewhere?  That happens to me a lot. :) Being cooped up in the house for 5 days in a row can make you go ga-ga so during the weekends, I wish to go out.  It doesn't really matter where I go, just need to get out of the house.

Well, we know that on Saturday we had Dylan's photo shoot so that basically covered that day.  On Sunday, I thought that we should bring the kids to the park and have them ride bikes.  When we went to the Quezon Memorial Circle before, there were just too many people that it wouldn't be fun for the kids to ride their bikes because you simply had no road to run on.  Well, fortunately, when we arrived, there were less people and we finally had a chance to ride.  It was also a good day because Den was able to come with us after such a long time of missing out on our travels :)

So there we were, Den on BMX bike (rental P80/hr), Dana with her solo bike (rental P80/hr) and our trike (rental P100/hr).  At first, we got a small trike for Dana to drive while Dylan rode with her.  But, I think the weight of the bike was too much for her to handle and she was getting frustrated driving it so we decided to get her her own bike.  Patrick and I took turns driving Dylan around but my butt ended up getting too sore so Patrick had to bear most of the driving.  The seat cushion was too small and hard and the handlebars kept bumping my knees.  The bike that we got was too small for us! LOL It was all worth it though because Dylan really loved the wind in his hair and being driven around.  When Patrick stopped by our table, Dylan will always tell him, "Daddy, you're not yet done.  You have to ride some more!" LOL

When our hour was up, we returned the bikes and went in search of some snacks to eat.  There was a number of stalls there and we settled with eating california maki, tokwa't baboy and kwek-kwek (battered quail eggs).  Weird combination, huh? :)

After resting a bit, we headed to Patrick's neighborhood barber to get a haircut.  Then, we went to Shopwise in Cubao for some grocery shopping.  Funny enough, the kids weren't tired at all and they had so much energy! :)

Here are our pictures:

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