Dylan's Moving Up Day

We have reached another milestone in Dylan's life - his Moving Up Ceremony.  It's really such an achievement for him because he has to work really hard at it because of his speech impairment.  However, he has improved a lot - he's much more articulate now, he can keep up with the conversation and contribute to it, he can sing clearly and he can write some of his favorite letters and numbers.  I owe it all to his teachers in Little Sofie and to his teachers at Core Skills.  He still has a long way to go and we need all the help that we can get :)

His Moving Up Ceremony was held at the San Beda Conference Hall (the teachers at Little Sofie all come from San Beda so they have a special arrangement with them).   Everyone looked so cute with their long-sleeved shirts and well-brushed hair :)  and the girls in their "gowns" (yes, there were some students who actually wore ball gowns!) I was rather disappointed in some of the parents that didn't treat the ceremony with the formality that it deserved.  Some wore ultra-mini skirts that the moment they went up on stage to place the medals on their kids, everyone was "treated" to a sight that they didn't want to see...  uggh.. I think that parents also need to be behaved during ceremonies like this.  The kids were well-behaved but the parents were becoming unruly trying to get pictures of their kids.  It's understandable that they want to preserve the moment, but the fact is, they were becoming disruptive and the ceremony was turning into chaos because of them.. hmm..

I do commend Ms. Shiela, Teacher Dory, Teacher Karen, Teacher Kat and Teacher Del for all their hard work in their preparations.  They all looked very beautiful too! :)

Dylan got the Most Polite and Most Cheerful awards! hahaha After the event, we went to JT's Manukan Grille for some much needed lunch :)

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