I want a summer getaway!

It’s summer time here and I’m itching to go away on a vacation with the family.  Just for fun, I’m looking at summer getaways in Mexico because I’ve never been there and a girl can dream, can’t she?  I know a few friends who have been to Mexico and I was really jealous of their trip.  I’ve heard them mention Cabo San Lucas and Cancun and I know that those are the really cool places to be. 

Anyway, just looking at the pictures from their trip made me want to know more about the places they’ve been to and here I am looking at different websites for these destinations.  It’s making me drool, these pictures.  Imagine living the life at really luxurious hotels with beautiful beachfronts with the breeze in your hair.  My kids will relish this J

There’s also something that I discovered.  You can actually book these Mexico luxury hotels through auctions and biddings! Can you believe it?  That will really bring the cost down and I can see myself opting to participate if I can save that much money and still stay in such a paradise of a hotel.  There's so many luxurious hotels and resorts to go through.. Hmm.. let’s get working here.. J

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