Dana's Family Day in School

February 19, 2011

We usually look forward to Family Day celebrations in Dana's school because it's our chance to see her perform with her class during their Field Demonstration, just like last year when they were all wearing yellow and dancing to the tune of the Korean hit song, "Nobody".  Here's a video of their performance:

This year, the school made changes and we ended up being misinformed about the schedule and we missed Dana's performance.  Last Feb 14, Dana was absent because she got sick so the next day, we assumed it was just a normal school day because there was nothing special occurring if you take a look at the school's calendar. We did know though that it was the start of the Foundation Week but we didn't know that their Field Demonstration was rescheduled for the first day of the Foundation Week until Dana arrived in school that Tuesday.  I received a call from the mother of one of her classmates telling me that Dana was crying because she was the only one not wearing their field demo get-up, so we immediately rushed to bring her clothes to school.  Fortunately, we lived close and Ate Mel was there just in time to help her change and get her ready.  Dylan was also sick at that time so I couldn't leave and Patrick had work that day so he couldn't go as well.  I was really frustrated at not being able to see her perform.  The rest of the week passed with a lot of activities.  

That Saturday, we went to school not really expecting anything since we knew that Dana's class already performed that Tuesday.  Patrick was so bored because there were a lot of speeches in the middle of the raging sun which made the students a lot fussy and fidgety especially the younger ones.  We just passed the time patronizing the food stalls that were all over - siomai, siopao, french fries, nachos, Dunkin' Donuts, some pasta and the regular meals served in the canteen.  

The highlight of the morning came when  one of the guests turned out to be Jollibee.  The whole quadrangle became alive! hahaha Kids rushed to the stage to get a closer look at the favorite Jollibee mascot :)  He did a dance number for everyone which I gladly recorded hahahaha  See if you can spot Dana among the kids ;)

After Jollibee's dance number, the kids rushed backstage to have their photos taken with their favorite mascot :)

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