16th Philippines Hot Air Balloon Fiesta - Part 3 (Feb 13)

February 13, 2011


First, Happy Birthday Patrick! 

He celebrated his birthday with a dip in the pool with his kids :)  With his busy sked at the office, he rarely has time to spend with his babies so this was a perfect time!

We didn't make it to the 16th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta because the kids couldn't wake up.  It's too bad because we knew that the 501st Legion was going to be there and we would have liked to show our support.  

Anyway, while the kids and Patrick were swimming, I went and stayed in the Korean sauna, Jimjilbang, to detoxify.  :)  I had a bit of a mishap earlier when Dana aimed her water pump at me and when I tried to evade that spray of water, I ended up spinning, falling and rolling on the ground.  I have scratches on my knees, elbows and my wrists were jarred from the impact.  It's true that it seems that time slows down when you're in an accident.  It's like your brain is trying to prepare you and give you time to make a decision on how you want to protect yourself.  It doesn't however lessen the pain of embarrassment and humiliation hahahaha

Check out went smoothly and we headed straight to the duty free shops.  Didn't buy too much though.
We had lunch at the Kenny Rogers Restaurant along the NLEX on the way home.  Patrick and I were so tired by the time we arrived home.  We need another vacation hahahaha

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