Hanging out at the Quezon Memorial Circle

January 15, 2011

Our weekend is usually reserved for errands like grocery shopping and car events that Patrick has to cover.  On those rare moments where there's nothing scheduled for the weekend, we try not to spend them at the mall.  It really gets boring and I want the kids to have a different idea of having fun.  I'm glad that my kids are not addicted to video games and are perfectly fine running around and getting sweaty :)

On this Saturday, we took the kids to the Quezon Memorial Circle.

We first had lunch at the Bacolod Chicken Inasal.  Patrick and I were so happy that Tropical Hut and Kamameshi House, the two original dining outlets at the QMC were still there.  Everywhere we look, we see pieces of our childhood getting torn asunder and it was just so heartening to see that those icons of the QMC are still around.

We thought we'd let the kids ride the bikes but there were a lot of people and the bike pathways were already crowded, it wouldn't be safe for them.  Fortunately, there's a huge playground area with these colorful slides, swings and jungle sets that the kids go crazy about.  There was also exercise machines for adults to boost their health regimen and funny though that these machines were situated right next to food kiosks! LOL After you get tired from exercising, head on over to the convenient food stalls and eat to your heart's delight! hahahaha

We also went to visit the Quezon Memorial Museum.  Hard as it is to admit, I haven't been inside it in all my years of living in the city!  So, it was a good chance for me to see it with my kids :)  We got there just in time too.  After we've strolled through the place with our last stop at the tomb of the Great President, we were greeted with a bunch of preschoolers waiting to get in :)

There was also an organic market and flea market stalls (tiangge) and plenty of food stalls all around to satisfy every food craving you have.  :)

It was a good day all around.  :D


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