Trip to Tarlac - RIP Grandma Loring

January 28-29, 2011

Now that I have experienced how it feels to lose my mother, it pains me and fills me with heartbreak when I hear of someone else undergoing the same thing.  Recently, Patrick and I found out that his stepmom, Tita Flor, just lost her own mother and right then and there, we decided to visit them in Tarlac where the funeral rites are to be held.

Since we haven't gone to Pura, Tarlac on our own, we didn't want to tempt the fates and end up being late because we lost our way or something.  So, we booked ourselves at the Microtel Inn in Luisita which is roughly at the halfway point between Manila and Pura.  At least, we didn't have to battle the traffic along the NLEX and Patrick won't be so tired with the drive.  It was a simple hotel but it's got great big beds which was a major attraction for us especially since Dylan has a habit of kicking everyone he sleeps with LOL :)

 After a hefty breakfast for us adults, it wasn't buffet but the kids can eat all the cereal and bread that they want, we pushed on towards Pura.  The drive was rather scary when faced with trucks carrying "gravel" and "soil" but look mostly like huge rocks and earth.

 It was tough being behind these two because the bumpy ride meant bits and pieces of rocks tend to fly off from the truck and if you're unlucky, you just might get a hit or two from them.

We arrived at the San Antoninus Church in record time.  It was a very touching service and I found myself teary-eyed at some point.  Hearing about Grandma Loring was like hearing about my mom who was also a teacher, an educator and was loved by many.  I never got the chance to be at my mom's service but I figured it would be something akin to this if it was held here and her students were given a chance to pay their respects.

Though Grandma Loring's death was the reason why we came, it was her life, her celebration of it, that we will remember.  Her kids, Tita Flor and her siblings, are a great legacy to behold.  We were fortunate to have been part of it.

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