Happy Birthday Tita Gigi!

Since both Patrick and I have lost our mothers, his to a brain aneurysm and mine to a car accident, we've kinda looked at Tita Gigi as our 2nd mother.  He has been friends with their family since he and Carlo (Tita Gigi's son) became best buds during their JASMS days.  It was funny too, that when I was introduced to their family, Lolo Tony immediately welcomed me into their clan because according to him, we were distinctly related (via the Paypons and the Escalantes of Calayan and Batanes).

So, on this special day, Tita Gigi was celebrating her 60th birthday and this was such a milestone in her life we didn't want to miss it.  The birthday celebration was a smash! It was like watching a live concert because Bito and Kalila (Tita Gigi's daughters) were singing the night away.  There were performances from Carlo and his friends (though I don't think Patrick did his part hahaha)  As you can see from the picture, Dylan was really impressed and wanted to sit in front, right where the action is.  Would you believe that he also wanted to sing by himself? hahaha

Dylan was also awestruck by the lechon (roasted pig).  I think this was the first time he saw lechon up close or if he's seen one he probably forgot about it. He actually can't stop talking about the pig getting cooked and the fact that there was a L'Amour (the orange fruit) in the pig's mouth.  He calls it L'Amour because of the Sesame Street Orange that sings the Aria "Carmen" which he's watching to avoid getting bored hahahaha

It was really such a great night to be with family and friends, great  food and great company!!

 Happy 60th Birthday Tita Gigi!!  We love you! :D

PS: Dana spent a lot of time playing with Kalila's daughter, Tamara, so she's mostly missing in the pictures :) 

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