Oishinbo in Little Tokyo

After having lunch at Chicken Charlie (in the previous post) we headed home, our tummies fully satiated :)  However, as most of you know, my tummy is easily hungry and on the way, I was craving some Japanese food :)

Well, Patrick suggested that we try and visit Little Tokyo in Makati.  I didn't even know there was such a place ! hahaha It's right across  Makati Cinema Square along Pasong Tamo corner Amorsolo Street.  You'll know you're in the right place if you see a strip of Japanese restaurants like Shinjuku Ramen along Pasong Tamo. The Japanese ark and the man-made bridge is a dead give-away that you've stumbled onto it.

Go under the ark (there's also another arc fronting Amorsolo Street) and head straight into the little square that's truly Japanese in ambience.  It's filled with authentic Japanese restaurants like Kagura which specializes in yakiniku (grilled strips of beef) and Heijyoen which specializes in Okonomiyake (Japanese pancake meals).

You may choose to eat inside the restaurants or in the square itself.  The restaurant we chose was Oishinbo because they had a variety of sushi and ramen dishes :)  We ordered the usual and the unusual :)

Usual means our typical order of ramen and beef curry so we can at least have a frame of reference to compare to.  I ordered their chashu ramen.  Patrick wanted to try their Sake so as per our server's recommendation (which she said was their popular sake), we chose this one but for the life of me, I can't remember the name LOL too bad! it was good! :D

We also ordered the usual California Maki which was well-presented and indeed tasted so delicious! :D Dylan ate practically half of this! LOL

Since the kids can't drink sake, they had Iced Teas :)  We also had an order of gyozas but I guess we demolished it before we even took a picture hahaha

 The pricing can demolish your budget pretty easily but if you really want the taste and the flavor of Japanese food (you'll know it's good if the Japanese eat with you as well!) then it's a good place to eat :)

Next time, we'll try the other restaurants, pockets-willing ahahaha

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