A Treat at Ton Ton Thai Massage

If you're like me, you probably have your "wish list" perpetually at the back of your mind.  So, at any time that you want, you can recall all the things that you want should opportunity present itself.  It was like that on this day.

It was just an ordinary Thursday yet I felt the urge to have some pampering.  So, after having lunch with the kids,  Dana and I went out for a girls' day out :)  We first went to Hot Nails Spa, our favorite nail salon.  Dana got a ManiPedi but no nail polish on the hands because her school doesn't allow that.  I had a relaxing hand and foot spa that made me feel really great! :D  All that took about 2 hours, just enough time for Patrick to come and pick us up.

But when it looked like he's going to be leaving his office a little later, we opted to drop by the Ton Ton Thai Massage branch along Aurora Boulevard which was a short walk from Hot Nails.  Ton Ton Thai Massage has always been on my mind since I saw their promo rate of P250/hr if you have your massage between 12NN and 6PM.  Between 6PM and 2AM (which is their closing time), you'll have to pay P300.  I've also seen a lot of Ton Ton Branches around the Metro so I figured there really was a demand if they're able to sustain the business with a lot of branches.  But think about it, even if you pay the P300, it's still rather cheap compared to other spas that offer 1-hr massages that cost P500 and up.

So there we were, Dana and I happily walking to our next destination.  Personally, it's a little intimidating to approach the door because you can't really see the interior from the outside (we got there around 6PM, so it was a little dark).  Also, I assume for security purposes, they keep the doors locked and you have to wait for someone from the inside to open the doors for you.  After a bit of waiting, we got inside and it smelled good.  That was my first thought hahaha my olfactory senses are way more acute than my sight! hahaha I had a little trouble adjusting to the darkness ( my eyes are really weak!) but that was okay.  We approached the counter which of course was well-lit and was warmly welcomed by the manager (I assumed because of his demeanor).  I told him that this was the first time I'll be experiencing a Thai massage and that prompted him to explain about the services (full body, back, foot, hand, and combination massages) and he gave me ample time to decide what I wanted to try out.  No hard sell which I liked.

I decided on a full body massage which would last an hour.  I was assigned Aya, a demure waif that did heavenly wonders on my body LOL  She first led me to wear they wash your feet (part of the cleansing ritual).  Dana and I were only whispering to each other because it was so quiet you can hear a pin drop.  It was really good and it just makes the experience more memorable.  The last thing you want when you have a massage is a bunch of therapists (and clients) chatting their heads off LOL

After the feet wash, we were led to the massage rooms.  They were basically mats and beds on the floor, divided by curtains on 3 sides.  The other side was the wall where you get hangers to hang your clothes when you change into your required pajamas (top and bottom).  There's also a wall clock to let you know you're getting your money's worth :)

The massage.  It started with the feet and legs and involved stretching the muscles, kneading them and then injecting a few pressure point presses.  There was nothing hurried about the experience and you can just close your eyes and enjoy.  Dana was really keen on discovering what Aya was doing since she wanted to do it to me at home LOL  I heard my bones creak which was pretty funny hahaha From the legs, we moved on to the arms and hands, then to the back.  I knew she was practically standing on me, kneading me with her feet.  That was awesome!  She even found the parts where I knew there was some blockage (like coldness) and knots and she was able to un-knot them without leaving any trace of pain!  The other time I tried a massage, I was bruised and aching up to 2 days after the massage!  The head massage was to die for too! I can imagine having a migraine and just soothing yourself with something like that :)

After the massage, Aya ended it with a bow and a smile.  It was really great!  I will definitely go back!  The place was clean and smelled good.  The rates cheap! The service was exemplary.

Guess where we went after?  The Banana Fudge Ice Cream House that was next door! :)

A really great pampering day! :)

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