Health Issues Galore!

Sometimes things happen all at once and you just wish that they wouldn't.  For instance, this May there are a lot of expenses brought by education.  You have school supplies and uniforms not to mention the tuition for the three kids.  You really have to keep track of the expenses if you want to be able to eat three times a day! LOL

On top of that, we were scheduled to visit the kids' pediatrician for their regularly vaccinations and check-up.  It's tough having to bring them together because you can just imagine how much their visit costs LOL But then, when you think about it, you'll still pay for the medicines because you don't want anything bad to happen to them.

But wait, there's more!! Dylan was also scheduled for a visit to his child development specialist to evaluate whether he's improved from his speech therapy the past few months.  Each visit costs P2000 for like an hour of evaluation!! Good Grief!! But that's the price you have to pay for you to know about your child's development.. The good news though is that Dylan has definitely shown signs of improvement but he still needs to continue with his therapy for articulation drills.  His vocabulary has increased but his motor skills still need some work.  He has been told to practice buttoning his shirts.  The funny thing is that he rarely wears shirts that need to be buttoned hence the missing skill! LOL

His enrollment in summer preschool certainly paid off.  We decided to enroll him in summer school because Teacher Amy (his speech pathologist) noticed some attention deficiency.  To me, it wasn't a big deal because aren't kids easily bored anyway? LOL  But still, we figured that getting him accclimated in a school setting might change his behavior regarding sitting still and paying attention.  It certainly helped that his teacher was very patient and knew how to take care of him.  It was also training ground for him entering preschool.

Patrick wasn't also immune to all these health concerns.  During the 2nd week of May, he complained about his foot hurting and he suspected gout as he has seen with some of his friends.  He ended up buying a cane to help him move about and the kids were teasing him about being like Dr. House :D  After taking some painkillers, the pain subsided.  But it returned with a vengeance and we ended up going to the UST ER after his office.  We stayed there until around 3AM and still not knowing for certain that it was gout.  He was prescribed some painkillers, had some blood work and urinalysis done too.  It was kind of sad that while we were there in the ER, someone died and it was like watching something on TV when everyone was in a flurry of activity to resuscitate the patient.  I could feel the pain of the loved ones who were left behind.

Funny enough, with all these health issues, I got a call from a health provider saying I can claim a discount card for their medical services, especially for lab work.  I immediately dragged Patrick with me to claim it LOL because at least the next time that someone is sick, at least there's some discount card I can use to lessen the expenses LOL


  1. While this has nothing to do with your post..just want to say I love the water background..or at least it looks like water to me. It relaxes me...makes me wish I was at home floating around the pool (preferably without the ducks).

  2. Kris, It is water LOL and I got it from the new template designs of Blogspot :) I picked it because it feels relaxing to me too :)


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