Rosero and Layug Nuptials: A Star Wars Wedding

February 20, 2010
Among the many events that we so looked forward to attending, Rej and Oneal's wedding is one of them.  They are our good friends from Star Wars Philippines and Patrick and I are fortunate to be part of their romance from the moment they met at one of our Star Wars events.  Their wedding was highly anticipated because, naturally, it will be Star Wars inspired! :D  Guests were encouraged to wear their costumes to the wedding and to the reception!!

Patrick and I considered getting costumes for the kids but we thought they might be too uncomfortable and end up being fussy throughout the night.  So, we just scoured the malls for our formal wear.  Patrick ended up buying another barong shirt and since Dana, Dylan and I had no formal wear (we don't usually go to formal events LOL) we really had to invest in these clothes.  

Dana and I also went to Hot Nails Spa along Hemady Street in Quezon City where we splurged on foot spa services hahaha  Dana enjoyed being pampered so much that she wanted to return immediately and she couldn't stop talking about it :) 

Dana had her hair in two separate braids but you can't really see it here :P  Dylan kept playing with his tie, I think he felt suffocated hahaha

All in all, I think we cleaned up good!

I have to say, their choice to hold both the ceremony and the venue at Fernwood Gardens was a good one. The St. Francis Chapel was small and intimate which made the ceremony more solemn and meaningful.  It also helped that the priest was a bit upbeat so it didn't seem too tight and boring for everyone else hehe I also adored the Star Wars-inspired attire of all the participants in the wedding ceremony :) The way they fused the Star Wars design into the traditional barong was genius!!  Here are some pictures taken at the wedding procession.  Admire and be awed!

Left: Oneal with his parents
Right:  The Bride, Rej
Bottom Left: Dante (his barong has an imprint of R2D2)
Bottom Right:  Paul (look closely at his shirt and it's got the imprint of C3PO)

Other pictures can be found here.

While waiting for the actual start of the reception program, here we are waiting at our table.  When the kids got bored, we walked around the venue and found some parrots and we couldn't resist taking pictures :)

That's when we spotted the Battalion of Stormtroopers lining up for the Wedding March :)Here they are! Dylan loved seeing them but didn't really want to stay near them, even for a picture haha It's a bit hard to take a photo of Darth Vader because he's black!! So forgive the blurry effect hehehe

Until now, I still don't know who is the Stormtrooper with Dana :) But thanks for the Photo Op ! :)

So, we were also lucky that Rej and Oneal were waiting for their turn and we got a chance to take a picture with the lovely bride :)

Aids and Macy were also gracious enough to pose with the kids :)

It was unfortunate though that Dana got locked in the bathroom (it was the first time she went by herself).  She also ended up throwing up as the night wore on.  It was probably from fatigue and heat because her "Family Day" was held during that same day.  We didn't finish the program but at least we were there for the wedding ceremony :)

To our friends, Rej and Oneal.  Congratulations! and May the Force be with you, Always! :D

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