Preparing for Dana's first time in school is making me teary-eyed

Yep, you read it right.. cheesy and corny as it sounds, I was teary-eyed at the mall when we went buying Dana's first supplies for school.

I remember I used to do this with my Mom when we bought school supplies for Allan, my brother and then for Den when she was younger. Although come to think of it, Den and I still buy school supplies together but college needs are different from preschool most definitely LOL

It's funny since we hadn't bought any school stuff for elementary aged kids in a long time I wasn't sure what their needs were even though I have a list LOL I was wondering about how big the bag would be and I wanted to buy a big one just in case. Den just raised an eyebrow and said, "that's way too much, she can't even pull that, much less carry it" so I settled for a smaller one, of course, Dana chose a Lightning McQueen bag (Lily, sagot mo to! don't worry less than P1K LOL). The salesperson did say it was suitable for preschool kids so I guess that should be alright :)

Then we bought notebooks, pencils, art supplies, shoes, socks, undergarments, etc. We haven't bought the books yet because they still weren't complete and her uniforms too because there weren't any sizes available for her.

I'm glad that Dana is excited to go to school. We have an orientation on June 8th. I'm nervous and excited too hahaha

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