Family Trip to Island Cove (Part 2)

So, to continue, we had a restful night sleeping in our airconditioned "superior" room. We shared 2 single beds and an extra bed. Patrick and Dana in one and then the other 2 beds were close together so Dylan, Den and I shared those. The kids fell asleep immediately, especially since they're so pooped from all that walking around and all the excitement.

Here are the kids after waking up and a view from the balcony of our room looking into the courtyard below:

They also had WI-FI connection at the resort so we brought our laptop with us.

After checking out, we still headed to the Giant Chessboard for some photo opps :)

We headed back to the crocodile farm so the kids can have fun painting their canvass bags :) We paused at the playground too :) We took the electric tram to get there.

After that, it was lunchtime and we headed straight to the Fishing Village. Here you have a choice of huts. On land or on water. You can also fish and whatever you catch they can cook them for you. It's great! We decided on staying on the huts over water for the experience. Depending on the size of the hut, you have a minimum amount to consume for food and you can stay for up to 3 hours.

There were a lot of things that we didn't get to try, like the bikes, the actual fishing, the spa, the hotel pool (haha) We really want to go back and stay for a longer period of time. I just need to save again hahahaha

So thanks for reading through all these and leave a comment and let me know what you think :)

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