Visiting with Uncle Dennis and Family

Here's another story that's a tribute to the Internet. LOL Uncle Dennis is one of Patrick's Dad's brothers. He's the youngest among the siblings which is why Patrick, Stevie and Dimples are very close to him. For some time, we've lost track of him especially when the family moved out of their Rimas home in Project 2. When he heard that Patrick's Dad died last December, he asked his daughters to use the Internet to look for Patrick and his siblings.

Voila!! Jackie found Patrick through Google. Jackie found Patrick's blog and from there, the connection was made! :) We were able to communicate via Yahoo Messenger and we were able to catch up on the news. It was fortunate that we planned a trip to Clark which meant being able to drop by and visit them since they're on the way there.

So on May 23rd, we met up in Dau around 9:30, exactly 2 hours from Manila and before we checked-in at our hotel. Here are some pictures:

Let's hope that it doesn't take another tragedy to be together as a family.

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