Family outing at Island Cove (Part 1)

May 02, 2009 - It's the day for our first out-of-town family trip and we've chosen Island Cove in Cavite, Philippines as our destination. You ask why, well, first, it's very near where we live, something like 1 hour to an hour and a half to get there. Second, their Family Fun Package is very affordable and with a lot of freebies. Third, we wanted a place that had a lot of things to do and offer so that the kids won't be bored. Island Cove has them :)

When we got there, we left our baggages and went straight to Animal Island :)

They have a petting zoo,

a butterfly garden,

a tiger sanctuary: THE DADDY
The YOUNGEST at 11 months
the BIGGEST SIBLING, at 3 years old

And the Mama Tiger who we weren't able to photograph because she kept peeing! LOL and believe me they can shower anyone at close range LOL

They also have a lot of birds: OSTRICHES, CASSOWARY, PEACOCKS

Then on to The Crocodile Farm and Monkey Island:

We fed the monkeys and crocodiles too! You have to throw the bananas to the monkeys. Dana tried her hand at it, and the banana fell in the water LOL but clever monkey was able to get it and eat it! LOL

Feeding the crocs was a major experience. You lower a chicken in the water and wait for them to bite. There were 4 crocs in the water and then the alpha male came. In one jump, he got the chicken, took it away to safety and in one gulp swallowed the chicken whole whew!! crazy!! There are a total of 167 crocodiles on the farm, segregated by their age and if they're salt-water or fresh-water crocodiles.

After the tour around the island, we went back to the hotel riding a horse-drawn carriage :)

We took a break for some refreshments and a bit of rest before heading to the Oceania Water Park.

They had two kiddie pools and slides and more adult pools. They also have a pool bar for refreshments. We all had fun, especially in the "jacuzzi" hahaha

Then we had dinner at the Sangley Point Bar and Grill. The food was great!! And then we took advantage of the free 30-minute coupon we had for Island Songs, the KTV Lounge in the Resort hahaha the kids had fun singing so we decided to extend for another hour. Time flies when you're singing and having a really good time!

After all these happenings, we had a great sleep in our airconditioned room. That in itself was a luxury because we didn't have A/C at home hahaha we all woke up late the next morning. but that's for Part 2 :)

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