Swimming in Marikina, April 9, 2009

Okay, it's probably not what you were thinking but it still speaks of what happened hahahha

We went to Stevie's house in Marikina last Holy Thursday to bring their share of the balikbayan box that Tita Flor brought with her when she came to Manila last March 5. Yes, it took a month for the goodies to reach Stevie and Dimples but it's only because we can't find matching schedules to see each other's families. Since it's Holy Thursday, most offices are on holiday which was the perfect time to go for a visit. Unfortunately, since Dimples works in a call center, she didn't have any vacation time on this day.

It turned out that Stevie and Toni bought a huge inflatable pool for the summer and we were told to bring the kids' suits so that they can have fun in the pool. So that's what the kids did.. they had fun! Dylan was tired and bored faster than Dana because he was preoccupied with the bike and wanted to ride that more than he wanted to swim LOL

Dana had a boo-boo because she accidentally swallowed the water and she ended throwing up in the pool! LOL

The kids stopped playing and swimming when it was snack time ;) wchich gave the adults enough time to catch up on each other's news as well.

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