2009 Manila International Auto Show

Ever since Patrick took up that writer's position for Top Gear Online Digital Magazine, our weekends have often been spent at car shows. Last April 2-5, the 2009 Manila International Auto Show was held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City and we spent both Saturday and Sunday there LOL

On Saturday, we went to a doctor's visit first because the kids' were up for their regular check-up. They caught up with their vaccines and immunizations and even went to an EENT for ear cleaning. It took most of the day, after which we went straight to the 2009 Manila International Auto Show and the parking spaces were all jam-packed! The kids were so excited and it looks like they have their Dad's passion for cars too! :) As I'm not a car aficionado, I'm afraid I can't tell you what kind of cars were on display but there were a lot of them.. and very cool they were! :D I guess you have to browse the pictures to see for yourself :)

This was worth mentioning as this was the car that Patrick and the Top Gear team used for their Powerdrifting lessons in Clark. If you look at the Mazda emblem, you'll find that it's literally dotted with Swarovski crystals! Really cool!! I didn't even need to tell the kids to pose beside the truck, they chose it for themselves hahahaha

We came back on Sunday and with Den this time. The first thing we did was buy tickets for the Russ Swift stunt show. Russ Swift is the World's No. 1 Precision Driver having a few Guinness Records under his belt. While waiting for the scheduled show, we just went around taking lots of pictures :) who wouldn't, the cars are really awesome!! Since we took a lot of pictures, just click here if you want to view them.

Anyway, the Russ Swift show was excellent.. nerve-wracking, exciting, breath-taking and really, really enjoyable!! We were even teasing Patrick that his driving sucks when compared to the likes of Russ Swift! We even fell in line after for autographs and picture-taking! LOL Believe me, after this show and for a number of days after, the kids can't stop talking about him LOL

After the show and the autograph signing, we left the car show and were headed to the Mall of Asia which was only a couple of minutes away. When we got to the parking lot, this was the image that greeted us: Our Stanley was back to back with the new Subaru Impreza. It was just too funny that we decided to take a picture of it. LOL

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