Dana Aces her Entrance Exam!!

Over the course of the previous days, we have spent them preoccupied with the room renovations - buying the materials, watching them lay the fixtures and tiles, painting the room and cabinets - that sometimes our heads are spinning with all that's happening.

But the good news is that Dana aced her entrance exam! I have posted a while back about the search for a school. Patrick and I have decided that our priority is somewhere close so that the kids won't be tired from the travel as early as this. So, we thought that maybe Sta. Catalina College may be a good choice because that's where I'm from and so with all my siblings and cousins. Even Den graduated from there. There's also the added plus that they still know me and my family so that's something good going for Dana (we think). In terms of standards, they're still pretty high because if not, then Den wouldn't have been able to pass her entrance exam to UST before.

Anyway, Dana went with her Ate Den to the school because it was raining and I didn't want to bring Dylan out too. So, they were just supposed to submit the requirements to the school so that they'll be able to schedule her for an entrance exam. But to my surprise, Den sent me a text message saying that Dana was already taking her exam!!! I was so nervous for her but at the same time I was confident too, pretty confusing, huh? ahhahaha An hour passed and I called Den, asking why there's no update yet. It turned out that while they were checking Dana's paper, she remained inside the room playing with the other teachers there and she was talking to them too hahaha

When they finished checking, she got 92/100!!! and they were all surprised because she was one of the highest and she was more advanced than those who have had previous schooling experience. They'll place her in Kinder 2 (which is still Prep), but she skipped Kinder 1 already. When Den started out, she had to pass Kinder 1 because of age requirements.

Anyway, just wanted to share this milestone in Dana's life.. Now, it's just a matter of paying the tuition and buying the school stuff :)

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  1. Ay congratulations my darling inaanak! :) Manang-mana ka sa Ninang. Sige mommy bili mo si Dana ng mga gamit niya. Sagot ko yun bag pero wag sobra sa One thou ha :)


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