Room renovations are done!! woohoo!!!

April 26, 2009 - After about a month of buying, delivery, construction and finishing both the bathroom and the bedroom are done!!! YEAH BABY!!!

Just to give you a recap, it all started when we decided to replace the old and install the new windows in the bedroom. This bedroom used to be a space for all our junk but we had to fix everything up when the nanny arrived. Fast forward, the nanny left, we had new windows but my cabinet broke and we wanted customized cabinets, hence the construction of the bathroom (which has lain dormant for all the time that the house was constructed. It was never completed) and the renovation of the existing & adjoining bedroom. We tapped my cousin who has his own construction firm (Ramil Roque Construction) to do the job. He designed the layout, we discussed the materials and finally construction started. As a little promotion, you may want to email me here if you want to contact him if you're in the market for some repairs, renovation, construction and all that :)

So, you want to see pictures, who am I to disappoint you hahahaha

Before pictures:

After pictures:

Having fun

It took a little over a month for the project to be completed. It was stressful but worth it. It was expensive but worth it. The workers really did a great job, they were worth it! We Love It!!

I'm sure my Mom would love it too.

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