As Patrick said, "A Bittersweet Day"

March 11, 2009 - Today is the day that Patrick's Dad, my 2nd dad, Tomas Antonio "Angel" Tadeo will be laid to rest beside Becky, his first wife. Though he was cremated in the States, Tita Flor brought back his ashes here to us as his children and grandchildren were here. Though he really bonded with Tita Flor's kids and grandkids too, it was good of her to let him be buried with Ms. Becky. It was heart-wrenching as all funerals go, but more so because this was someone you knew and loved and he shall be greatly missed.

It was unfortunate though that we were late getting there. We knew we were supposed to be early because Dad's ashes were with us but for some reason, Dylan was having a hard time pooping and he was taking so long in the bathroom. He doesn't want to poop in his diapers already and in the end it took us a long time to get a taxi as well. Going there, traffic was slightly bad because Francis Magalona's burial was also going to be in Loyola too and I think people were already flocking to it.

When we finally got to Loyola, there was a service and then he was laid down to rest. Tita Flor's 2 siblings were there as well as her mom who travelled all the way from Pura, Tarlac. Ferdie and Barbara were there too, of course. It was tough seeing him in the ground but it also served as closure for the siblings. After the service, we all trooped to Kamayan restaurant along EDSA for some lunch.

You know the problem about buffets is that I feel too full seeing all the food ! LOL I just ate all the sushi I could eat hahaha Dylan was also eating maki, while Dana ate chicken and rice LOL Patrick said, "I can't stop eating!" much like Fat Bastard in Austin Powers the movie. hahahaha

From the restaurant, we went our separate ways. The Tadeo siblings and their respective families went with Dimples (who had the van) and we just took a cab from their place to reach our next destination, THE CAR! There was another coincidence that Patrick noticed in relation to our car. First, the car that we bought was featured in a review in Top Gear magazine, the same issue where Patrick's contribution article was featured, and the same issue where Allan's Honda Accord was on the cover :) Funny, no? okay, back to the story hahaha

It was bit earlier than our original schedule so we just spent the time idling at the mall. hahaha We met Michael at the Shell station and together we went back to his house where we traded papers and stuff :) and then we went to the Shell station again to have the car washed :) After that off we went!

I was so nervous with Patrick driving as was he :) He hasn't driven in over 10 years but he did take a refresher course and has a new license :) He was nervous too and I could feel it LOL but after a while, it went better and the kids feel asleep :) I was just so relieved to reach the house in one piece :)

More stories later! :)

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