First Car trip to the mall!

Okay so we were all very excited to go to Mall of Asia today because it's the first time we're taking out the car, which Dana has named "Stanley" for Stanley Ipkiss of the Mask (because the car's green!).

I wasn't nervous with Patrick's driving as before and he even managed to get out of the garage without a hitch :) He also installed valve caps too. So anyway, we arrived in MoA safe and sound and managed to find ourselves a parking space without a problem.

Our first stop was the car accessories shop there where we were able to buy a car alarm on sale and with free installation too! While the guy who was going to install took a break for lunch, we went around the mall ourselves and waited for their text message after which we met him back at the store so that we can accompany him to the parking lot.

Wow, I thought it will be really simple and easy but in the end, it took 3 hours!!! When the first hour passed, we bought some snacks from a nearby McDonald's and had an impromptu picnic right there! hahahaha It was great because the kids were still behaved and were just as happy to be sitting at the back :)

I didn't know until then that there were roving guards at that parking lot. Some of them stopped by to check up on the car because frankly, I'll be suspicious too if I saw someone "messing" with my car LOL I also didn't realize that Ford Everest models were popular in Manila LOL While waiting around, we noticed at least 4 of them parked right where we were. What's also funny, when one left, another one, same model and color parked in the vacated spot hahahaha

As you can see from the pictures, Patrick is just so excited LOL Dylan is having a grand time in his "car" too :) Dana and I were busy eating our snacks :) She even wanted to lie down in the cargo space like in her "Dora Van" hahaha This is the simple life hahahaha

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  1. hi miss ko na ang MOA.
    glad you had a great day at MOA ^_^


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